Life at TNGCL

The most reliable, eco-friendly and cost effective natural gas distributor in Tripura


TRIPURA NATURAL GAS COMPANY LIMITED (TNGCL) is one of Eastern India's fastest growing Natural Gas Distribution Companies. Established on 10th July, 1990, TNGCL is a joint venture between GAIL (India) Ltd, Tripura Industrial Development Corporation Ltd. (A Govt. of Tripura Undertaking) and Assam Gas Company Ltd (A Govt. of Assam Undertaking)

Culture and Diversity
  • We've always wanted TNGCL to be a place that brought together smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds, and where you could bring your whole self to work. We are well known for maintaining our status as paymaster as well as many benefits which are unparallel in Tripura across industries. When it comes to our benefits and perks, we have everything you'd expect from a large company, like health insurance, retirement benefits and so on. But we also offer way more than the basics. Our benefits are part of who we are, and they're designed to take care of the whole you and keep you healthy, whether physically, emotionally, financially or socially.
How we Recruit
  • We believe that if you hire great people and involve them intensively in the hiring process, you'll get more great people. Over the past couple of years, we've spent a lot of time making our hiring process as efficient as possible - reducing time-to-hire and increasing our communications to candidates. These core principles are true across TNGCL, but when it comes to specifics, there are some pieces of our process that look a little different across teams. At TNGCL, we don't just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees and our community. TNGCL is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.
Why Join TNGCL
  • From the onset of their careers, new joinees at TNGCL are taken onboard through a well structured and enriching Induction programme. As part of this orientation programme, the new recruits are made to interact with the heads of various business functions and they are encouraged to ask questions to the best of the field executives, which gives them a greater insight of TNGCL's businesses and its value chain. Moreover, new recruits are sent to major workstations for gaining a deeper understanding of the various business functions of TNGCL.
  • At TNGCL, we believe that learning is a never ending process. Company is willing to spend time, money and resources for all its employees at various stages of their careers in order to help them to grow as a professional and realize their full potential. Apart from providing functional and behavioral trainings to all levels of employees, adequate exposure is given to employees through conferences,seminars,skill building workshops,etc.
  • Strong emphasis is given on leadership development programs for executives at senior levels. In order to assess the talent pool at senior level, executives are made to undergo Development Centers. Developmental gaps identified through this process are mitigated through executive development programs, job rotation and higher responsibilities.