Domestic PNG

The most reliable, eco-friendly and cost effective natural gas distributor in Tripura

Domestic PNG

TNGCL has the distinction of pioneering Natural Gas distribution network in Eastern India-in the state of Tripura. Over 26000+ domestic customers are connected through our wide network of over which comprises of carbon steel (CS) and polyethylene (PE) pipeline. Domestic PNG is used for various purposes like cooking and water heating. PNG satisfies most of the requirements for fuel across all segments, being efficient, non-polluting and relatively economical.

Benefits of Piped Natural Gas
  • Convenience - Gas is continuously fed into the system so there are no hassles of refilling / changing the cylinder; it is piped and does not require any space to store, hence handling is easy, safe and secure.
  • Economical - Higher savings than any other conventional fuel.
  • Safe - Robust systems and processes as per international safety standards are practiced. PNG being lighter than air disperses easily and avoids spontaneous flammability.
  • Consistent, reliable supply - TNGCL has got a track record of almost 100% reliability in its gas supply.
PNG Composition

With only one carbon and four hydrogen atoms per molecule (Methane) Natural Gas is a composition of hydrocarbons (Almost 95% Methane & rest other Hydro Carbons). Its calorific value generally ranges from 8000 kcal/m3 to 9000 kcal/m3, Natural Gas has the lowest carbon to hydrogen ratio, and hence it burns completely, making it a more environment friendly fuel.

  • Physical stateGas
  • Colour=Colourless
  • Melting point=-182 ° C
  • Boiling point=-161.5°C
  • Vapour density=0.6 to 0.7 (with respect to air)
  • Flammability ratio=5 to 15% by volume in air
  • Auto ignition temp=540°C
  • Odour=Odourless (For easy detection through smell, Ethyl Mercaptan is added as Odourant)