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Refund | Cancellation Policy


Any customer, who has started using Domestic Piped Natural Gas (PNG), is eligible for refund of interest free Security Deposit under the following conditions:

On customer's request:

Security Deposit shall be refunded in full, irrespective of the status of connection, subject to receipt of the following:

  • Refund request letter from the customer along with original counterpart of the original application form clearly mentioning the reason along with complete communication address, consumer code and contact number.
  • PNG equipments from the premises (flat / kitchen) of the customer, if applicable.
  • Payment towards disconnection charges as per prevailing rate and all other dues.


Security Deposit shall be refunded in full under the following conditions:

  • In case premise of the customer is found technically not feasible for supplying PNG.
  • In case of non-availability of necessary statutory permissions.
  • Any other reasons as and when specified by Statutory Authorities in its notifications.

Kindly quote your Customer Code as mentioned on your gas bill.


>In the event of the Consumer desiring to discontinue with the gas consumption and the services of the Company, then he/she shall inform the Company in writing giving the Company clear two months notice and pay all outstanding dues. If the Consumer fails or neglects to clear all outstanding dues, the Company will be entitled to adjust/realize all outstanding dues of the Consumer from the Consumer's security deposit lying with the Company and the balance after deducting the disconnection charges/expenses(as fixed by TNGCL), if any will be refunded to the Consumer as per clause 17 hereunder. The Company will be entitled to take back the line and other fitting/ appliances from the unit of the Consumer.

  • i. In the event of death of proprietor, change of ownership of the Partner/Director of the unit or closure of the unit for any reason, the legal representative/survivor of the said deceased person or Partner or Director of the Unit will submit an application to the Company in writing as per Annexure-IV desiring to continue with the gas consumption and the services of the Company. After receipt of the said application the Company will dispose of the said application and the decision of the Company will be final and binding the parties.
  • ii. The Security money deposit, which is interest free and will be forfeited/ adjusted/ refunded to the Consumer when he/she ceases to be a Consumer of Piped Natural Gas from the Company's system, based on the period of continuation with the system, as under :-
Period with the TNGCL Portion of Security deposit to be returned to Consumer
a) Up to 4 years Nil
b) After 4 years After adjusting disconnection charges

Send your refund application to with sealed envelope mentioning REFUND APPLICATION to

Sr. Manager (O&M)
Tripura Natural Gas Company Ltd Shilpa Nigam Bhawan, Khejurbagan PO: Kunjaban, Agartala -799006